Today is my dear husband's 
birthday and also
 the birthday of 
our youngest 

Looking back one year ago, I remember how excited we were as we anticipated the birth of Taft. When we return home in August, he'll be 15 months old and I'm sure will be running around (not walking) and climbing everywhere and one step ahead of his two adoring sisters. We can't wait to smother him with 15 months of love we've missed out on while living in Israel.

Garth is 76 today and even though he's a little older and wiser, he's still the cute guy I fell in love with more than 50 years ago. 

The past two years have brought a lot of changes in our lives. As Garth retired from dentistry, we sold his practice to a couple of wonderful Jewish dentists who grew up in Israel. Knowing that our practice of forty years would be in some very capable hands, we left our home in Arizona, moved to a country we knew very little about and prepared for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 

After 15 months, we have learned to appreciate life in the Middle East,  to love people of all walks of life, have had many life-changing experience and truly a bog adventure. When people ask if we like living here, my response is "Every day is a gift!"  One of our favorite pastimes is to walk the streets of the Old City  . . . to soak up the culture, the sites, the smells and walk in places that are so dear to the heart of people from all around the world.

G'ma and G'pa Smith from Ohio have had the pleasure of getting know this little guy before we have, so move over other grandparents, it's our turn very soon!
We have missed our family so much but somehow as we celebrate the birthday of Taft and G'pa Garth,  it brings us our hearts a little closer to home.

Taft with some of his cousins celebrating ONE year!

Every time I look at this photo of Keri & Keith's children sitting on their doorstep,I smile and feel so grateful to have such adorable grandchildren. However, these are only three of 11 more who are all so precious to us. 
I am reminded of a little song our family used to sing when we only had 3 children:"Oh, I've got FIVE people in my family . . . and there's not one of them I'd trade. . ."
Holland is growing up and a little mother to Taft.Audrey adores her baby brother.

Taft is a lucky boy to have such loving sisters and parents, cousins, not to mention uncles and aunties.

Before Taft was born, his sisters could hardly wait to welcome him into their home.

Happy birthday to the youngestand oldest boys in our family! 
One year old!
King for a day.
Seventy six and still making a roar . . .

And . . . a big splash in the Dead Sea!
I didn't bake Garth a birthday cake this year. . . just a big cookie instead!

I'm grateful for a wonderful husband. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I hope this day will fill up your heart with joy and blessings. 

In 3 months, we'll be back in Arizona but for now, we are enjoying the adventures and good life in Israel!